Residential Summer Enrichment Camping Program

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2016 Camp Dates
Session 1: June 27- July 6
Session 2: July 9- July 18
Session 3: July 21- July 29
Session 4: August 2- August 11
Session 5: August 14- August 20

The Residential Summer Enrichment Camping Program at Cradle Beach serves the needs of children with special needs and children from low-income families from Western New York and beyond. We provide a healthy environment and organized activities to promote socialization, independence, and decision making in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Cradle Beach serves approximately 800 children with special needs and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds between the ages of 8 and 16 in our summer camping program. Children come to camp for 7-10 days of residential programming focusing on education and training in a recreational setting.

There are many different activities we call Play stations that make Cradle Beach Summer Camp so much more than an ordinary camp. From basketball to swimming, to culinary arts, computers, drama and dance - the diversity of our program makes a difference!

Our entire program is focused upon the 40 Developmental Assets as recognized by the Search Institute. The Developmental Assets are the building blocks of healthy development that all children need to grow up to be healthy, caring and responsible adults.

Research demonstrates the more assets a child has in his or her life, the greater the likelihood that they will avoid high-risk negative behaviors, while at the same time choose more positive attitudes and behaviors. Specifically, programs devoted to asset development will promote an increase in academic achievement, a value for tolerance and diversity, good health and delayed gratification.

Asset-based programming will also protect youth from harmful behaviors by reducing alcohol use, illicit drug use, sexual activity and violence. For more information on the 40 Developmental Assets, visit:


If you are interesting in joining out staff this summer- please complete and return our summer staff application.  That form can be downloaded here: Summer Staff Employment Application

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