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Research & Evaluation

Cradle Beach has always engaged in high quality evaluation that examines, among other things, the impact of the Summer Enrichment Program on campers.  Recently, Cradle Beach has engaged in a higher level, more rigorous evaluation of its programs conducting scientific studies on all of its programs and services.  The foundation of its efforts can be found in its Logic Model, Evaluation and Mapping Models, and detailed explanation of how the logic model works to improve programs and services.  


Logic Model & Other Research Documentation

A logic model contains four components: Inputs or the environmental characteristics that impact Cradle Beach and our programs and participants; Environment or a detailed description of our programs; Outputs or how participants engage in our program; and Outcomes or what benefits occur as a result of participants engaging in our program.  The following documents detail our efforts.

Logic Model

Logic Model Explained

Logic Model Diagrammed 

Quality Improvement Plan

Evaluation and Mapping of Summer Session

Evaluation and Mapping of School-Based Program

Needs Assessment

Theoretical Framework

Dropout Research


Cradle Beach Program Descriptions

The following programs are primary initiatives of Cradle Beach.  Click on the links at the end of each description to get more information, including:

  • Expanded Description,
  • Research Reports,
  • White Papers, and
  • Research Articles.

Project SOAR

Project S.O.A.R. is a school-based educational program grounded in our philosophy that students who are engaged with peers from diverse backgrounds, in an active learning environment, will develop the skills they need to succeed in school, career, and life.  Project S.O.A.R. is modeled after the FIVER Children's Foundation serving 500 children in NYC and boasting a 95% graduation rate. We believe that our Project SOAR initiative will experience similar results!  Click on Project SOAR Evidence-Based Outcomes Research Reports.

Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

Each year Cradle Beach strives to serve nearly 800 campers during the Summer Enrichment Program. Each session can accommodate up to 175 campers.  Although boys and girls are separated by cabins during the daytime, everyone plays, eats and attends activities together.  Everyone at camp has the same opportunity to get the full camper experience no matter their background. In fact, that's what makes Cradle Beach so unique. We're one of the few camps in the United States to integrate campers with and without disabilities and include kids from low-income backgrounds. Almost no one is turned away from Cradle Beach because of their individual characteristics.

Over the past year, independent researchers examined the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) and its impact on Emotional Intelligence. The goal of this particular study was to examine four Immediate Outcome variables listed in Cradle Beach's logic model and their impact on improved academic achievement.  Click on Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) Evidence-Based Outcomes Research Reports.





Cradle Beach - 8038 Old Lakeshore Road - Angola - NY - 14006  

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