Summer enrichment camping program

Each year Cradle Beach strives to serve nearly 800 campers during the summer camp sessions. Each session can accommodate up to 175 campers.

Although boys and girls are separated by cabins during the daytime, everyone plays, eats and attends activities together.

Everyone at camp has the same opportunity to get the full camper experience no matter their background. In fact, that's what makes Cradle Beach so unique. We're one of the few camps in the United States to integrate campers with and without disabilities and include kids from low-income backgrounds. Almost no one is turned away from Cradle Beach because of their individual characteristics.

Over the past year, independent researchers examined the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) and its impact on Emotional Intelligence. The goal of this particular study was to examine four Immediate Outcome variables listed in the organization's logic model and their impact on improved academic achievement.

Four Emotional Intelligence Variables

Self-Awareness - the ability to detect and decipher emotions in faces, pictures, voices, and cultural artifacts—including the ability to identify one's own emotions. Self-Awareness represents a basic aspect of emotional intelligence, as it makes all other processing of emotional information possible.

Social Awareness - the ability to comprehend the emotional language of others and to appreciate complicated relationships among emotions. For example, understanding emotions encompasses the ability to be sensitive to slight variations between emotions, other people's needs and the ability to recognize and describe how other people's emotions evolve over time.

Self-Management (Self-Control) - the ability to harness emotions to facilitate various cognitive activities, such as thinking and problem solving. The emotionally intelligent person can capitalize fully upon his or her changing moods in order to best fit the task at hand.

Relationship Management (Social Competency) the ability to regulate emotions in both ourselves and in others. Therefore, the emotionally intelligent person can harness emotions, even negative ones, and manage them to achieve intended goals and cultivate relationships.

Four key findings emerged from the study:

  • The Outcome variables appear to be highly interrelated.  In other words, a child's level on one of the outcome variables appears to be related to their level on one or more of the other outcome variables.  Not surprisingly, the 2 variables dealing with Self-awareness and Self-control are highly correlated and the 2 variables dealing with social skills and relationships are highly correlated.  Finally, the variables dealing with individual emotions and behavior are highly correlated with the 2 variables dealing with social skills and relationships, suggesting that the ability to regulate one's personal emotions and behavior has some influence on one's success in social situations. 

  • The 4 Outcome variables assessed in this study appear to be related to academic achievement.  Each of the variables is positively correlated with grade average.  While the magnitude of the correlations between the Outcome variables and grade average is not large, all of the pre-test and post-test scores on the four Outcome variables were positive and statistically significant.

  • The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) appears to have an impact on changing camper's standing on the four outcome variables.  However, the nature of this impact varies depending on the camper's starting point on the variables.   Generally, campers who come to Cradle Beach with low or moderate levels of each Outcome variable seem to end the camp experience with higher levels.   Campers who come to Cradle Beach with high levels on the variables appear to experience a slight decrease in scale value, although this decline is very small. 

  • The current study provides additional evidence to support a finding in earlier studies that suggest in Buffalo public schools, academic performance declines as students get older and rise to higher grade levels.  Grade average was negatively correlated with both age and grade level.  The finding was statistically significant.  .

Research Reports

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Research Summary Reports

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