John Conciardo, a Director of the West Herr Automotive Group, has launched the CB Crusaders Campaign to raise $1 million dollars for Cradle Beach.   All children ages 8-16 are welcome to apply to Cradle Beach. We are well known for our ability to accept most children with special needs and with developmental disabilities. 


Think back to when you were a child and you went to the beach for the very first time.  Remember feeling  the clean, fresh breeze on your face?  Recall the vivid memories of your first steps in the sand and the refreshing water as you splashed into the lake?  
Did you have a chance to go to summer camp?  Picture in your mind the great friends you made and  the excitement of exploring the camp grounds. 
All these wonderful experiences are part of the fond memories you have growing up.
You have an exceptional opportunity to give these same memories to a child right here in Western New York. Cradle Beach provides hope, opportunities, and life changing experiences for children with special needs and children who are economically disadvantaged to help them reach their full potential. 
"CB Crusaders" is a campaign to raise $1 million dollars for Cradle Beach within just 3 years - and it's so attainable!  "Crusaders" have a goal to enlist "Champions".  The "Champions" then agree to donate $100 a month for just 36 months!  Simple math - with only 278 "Champions" the goal will be reached and hundreds of area children, who may never have the chance to experience what you did growing up, will get to go to camp.

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You pledge to donate $100 per month for the next 3 years. 

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While you may never get to meet the children you are helping, you will know that you are making a big difference in their futures.